We believe that studying God’s Word together in the context of spiritual community is essential for spiritual health and growth.  You are invited to come grow with us.


Nursery (Birth to 2 years)

“The Birth of Jesus”

Room – Nursery

Teacher:  Susan Hamilton

Toddlers (2 years)

“The Birth of Jesus”

Room 107

Teachers:  Jennifer Desvernine

3’s & 4’s

“Paul and Judges”

Room 103

Teachers:  Marty & Bridget Ray

K to 1st Grade

“Paul and Judges”

Room 100

Teachers:  Kaitlyn Johnson and Joyce Pigg

2nd – 5th Grade

“Paul and Judges”

Room 104

Teacher:  Lexann Johnson

Teens (Middle & High School)

“Learning to Lead”

The teens will begin in Room 201 with a Devotional from 1st and 2nd Peter. Then the boys and girls will divide out to learn how to lead in these respective areas.

Room 201

Teachers:  Josh and Amy Clevenger


“A Closer Walk With Jesus”

Room 302

Teacher:  Caleb Johnson

The decision to be baptized into Christ represents the beginning of our walk with Jesus. As a part of the family of God, we are then responsible for setting a path for spiritual growth and maturity. Spiritual growth requires an intentional effort on our part. No one can “coast” to heaven. We must choose to have a closer walk with Jesus.

Auditorium (Golden Agers, ages 55+)

“Go! The Go Statements of Jesus”

Class leader

Barry Gilreath

Meeting Place



Throughout the Gospels, Jesus encouraged men and women to “Go.”  This study will look at several of Jesus’ “Go” statements and should help us become more effective as we attempt to go and preach the gospel to every creature.

Men’s Class

“Twelve Ordinary Men”

Class leader

Eric Johnson

Meeting Place

Room #109


They weren’t “saints.”  They weren’t scholars.  They weren’t even religious sages.  The message of Twelve Ordinary Men is clear.  If Christ can accomplish His purpose through the lives of common men like these, imagine what He has in store for you!

Women’s Class

“Voices of Calvary”

Class leader

Beth Sa’idd

Meeting Place

Room #110


The cry which broke through the surrounding darkness was the most startling of all words ever spoken, “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani”.  That is to say, My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me? (Matthew 27:16).  This emotional plea along with other sayings around the cross, reaches out to us through the Voices of Calvary.


Nursery (birth – 1 years)

Teachers:  Brittany and Camber Adkins

LAMBS Bible Time | Toddlers to 5th Grade

Room 110

Mrs. Beth Sa’idd will lead our LAMBS, along with a host of assistants into the world of exploring our Bibles!

We will be learning how to use our Bibles and will coordinate with various Bible stories.  We will have whole group activities and we will also divide out by age groups for age-appropriate activities.  Your kids don’t want to miss this summer!

Summer Series

“Choose Joy: A Study of Philippians”

Meeting Place



Everyone from Middle School and up, please meet in the auditorium for an encouraging study through Philippians, led by various teachers.

Summer Series (Wednesdays, 7:00)

6/9 – Paul and Silas in Philippi (Acts 16:6-34)

6/16 – An Intro to Philippians (1:1-11)

6/23 – The Advance of the Gospel (1:12-18)

6/30 – To Live is Christ (1:19-30)

7/7 – VBS

7/14 – Christ’s Example (2:1-11)

7/21 – Lights in the World (2:12-18)

7/28 – Timothy and Epaphroditus (2:19-30)

8/4 – Righteousness Through Faith in Christ (3:1-11)

8/11 – Straining Toward the Goal (3:12-16)

8/18 – Stand Firm (3:17-4:1)

8/25 – The Christian Life (4:2-9)

9/1 – God’s Provision (4:10-23)

Join us for Bible Class this week.